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Infant photography 101: Prioritising comfort above all

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

For every new parent, their bundle of joy is the ‘apple of their eye’. But time flashes by so quickly that before you know it your baby would have grown into an adorable toddler, a mischievous child, and a charming young adult. Capturing those precious moments of innocence is something doting parents should consider doing.

But photographing newborns is not a cup of tea. The photographer has to have a lot of patience and experience in working with infants. This is because while it’s easy to throw props around the little one, the most important thing is not jeopardising their comfort and wellbeing. Here are some of the steps that a good photographer will take when working with kids aged 12 days to 3 years.

Inform parents on pre-shoot preparations

The preparation process begins even before the photographer arrives. It is important to ensure that the kids are dressed up in loose outfits and are well-fed. This is so that they are comfortable, less cranky, and can remove their clothes with ease for the photoshoot.

Say no to flash

It is best to avoid the use of flash- especially with newborns that are only a few weeks old. An experienced photographer will schedule shoots bright and early in the morning. They’ll know how to manipulate natural light by opening the window and drawing open the curtains.

Turn off the fan and air conditioner

Babies look even more pure and innocent in their birthday suit. To prevent them from catching a cold, it is crucial to switch off both the fan and air conditioner. The photographer will have to be prepared to sweat through the shoot.

Be extremely patient

When it comes to infants and toddlers, the patience of the photographer gets tested. The younger ones might need to be fed and burped in between shots. You’d also need to spend time playing and building a connection with them to get good pictures.

Have backups

Working with children is messy as they may break (or indeed, poop on) the props. The photographer should bring spare props and prioritise cleanliness- any dirty items should be sent for dry cleaning immediately.

Suphanida Thakral

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