Who are we?

We’re a team of passionate wedding photographers, cinematographers, editors & designers working together to create beautiful memories for you. We all work with dedication to set new benchmark for ourselves, every single day. We love what we do and look forward to each assignment that comes our way.

How we Started?


Kirty Khanijou had a very early beginning in 2008 when she was pursuing her degree in Computer Graphics and Multimedia. Very soon she realised her exceptional talent towards photography & cinematography which motivated her to rise above her limitations and start working towards her dreams. She held herself to impeccable standards and progressed with some falls along. Soon after, there was no looking back with the massive growth and collaborations that came her way.

How we got here?


Hard work, Dedication and Patience are our formula to success. Today we are a team of Professional Photographers, Cinematographers and Retouchers. Photography to us is not just an aspect of capturing beautiful moments, it's a whole process. It's not just a business, it's our passion, it gives us creative fulfillment and allows us to express ourselves artistically.
We as a team have our own responsibilities to live up to the name and reputation as a brand. When we are covering an event, we make sure our clients are well aware of us and are comfortable sharing their moments with us. We make sure all our clients receive what we call a "Sneak Peek" of their photos within 24 hours after their event has taken place, which makes us a fast working team.
Client satisfaction is one of the main things we work towards. It does not just end after the event/wedding has taken place. We also provide other services where clients can order prints, custom designed Photo books and other personalised design services.

Why us?


Choosing a Wedding Photographer can be quite tricky sometimes. Wedding photographers aren't just suppliers, they're one of the most important guests at your wedding. Every couple wants something different with the best service available. When there's an enquiry, we make sure we set up a meeting with the couple to discuss their events, requirements and budget. This way we design a package that is customised to their needs and give them suggestions accordingly. We also discuss themes and storyboard with the samples we propose to give a clear idea of the outcome.
"I don’t know how to pose" That is the one thing all couples say! When we work with a couple, be it for events or Pre-wedding Photoshoot, we make sure the clients are comfortable having us around. Some couples feel shy to express their love in front of others and that shows how unnatural the photos look. I personally am not fond of posed photographs, I prefer capturing the couple when they don't realise the photo has been taken - CANDID.

Every girl wants to look beautiful on her special day. On the day of the event, we make sure the couple has a session while they are getting ready. And a Mini session of them and their family before the event begins. After the wedding events these photos will bring back your excitement and make you reminisce your good old memories

Kirty Khanijou (Katie)


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 How much in advance do I need to book you? 

Considering the amount of  weddings we confirm each year, its only fair we give 
every enquiry a fair chance to book our dates. Irrespective of how much or how less 
your project may cost, its a 'first come-first serve' world. 

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